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    1. Cheap Black Wood Watch Gift Box
    2. Cheap Black Wood Watch Gift Box

    Cheap Black Wood Watch Gift Box

    • Item #:DWW1785533
    • Material:MDF
    • Color:Black
    • Logo:Custom

    Cheap matte black watch gift box, velvet lined inner, suitable for one standard timepiece

    1. Detailed information

    Black wooden watch gift box, cheap version, suitable for one standard timepieces

    Detailed features:

    • Material: MDF

    • Matte black finish

    • Velvet lined inner

    • Removable pillow for one standard timepiece

    • Logo treatment: printing, stamping, engraving

    • Wholesale small order supported

    • Gift paper box supported

    • Original certificate available

    • DDP supported

    All boxes can be customized in size, color, structure and material

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