• Normal Company Policy

      Wooden box delivery time, sample policy, quality control, payment term and trade term.

    • Popular Methods to Add Value to Wooden Gift Packing Box

      With the increase needs of wood, the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. It is particularly important to find and develop the substitute for wood to meet the demand of the market. Wood substitutes is significant to resist the excessive cutting to forest, to maintain the Ecological equilibrium, to keep the sustainable utilization of forest resources.

    • 8 Daily Bad Habits May Destroy Your Watch

      It’s easy for many people to choose and buy a loved watch, but for most of them, they may not know how to maintain the watch to keep the best condition of the watches. Here is the 8 possible bad habi..

    • Black Teas from China

      Most popular black teas from China

    • How To Set Up Your Humidor

      When most of the people get their new humidor, they will be eager to fill their collection of cigars into the cigar box. But you may ruin the cigars if you do not humidify the box before you start using it.

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