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    Magic Changes of A Pieces of Wood

    Five normal processes to make a wooden box;


    • Material preparing

           Purchasing department will calculate the amount of each material needed for the order according to the approved sample.

           In room QC


    • Cutting Process

           In this progress, wood is cut to particular pieces according to its structure, whole drilling, edge cutting, angle cutting...

           In room QC


    • Assembling process

            Sand the wood pieces and assemble them into top and bottom semi-finished box, sand again.

            In room QC


    • Painting process

            The final finish of the product decided how many times of prime and to finish. Normally, it will take 4 to 48 times of prime and top painting. The shinny and the hard                surface painting, the more times of lacquer.

            In room QC


    • Polishing process

            Polishing and painting are twins. Painting is elder brother. One time painting, there must be one time polishing. The smoother polishing, the smoother final painting finish.

           In room QC


    • Packing process

           All wooden parts, metal accessories, velvet, other accessories will be assembled together to get the wooden box ready for shipment.

           After cleaning, each box will be packed as confirmed in order.

           In room QC, third party inspection, customer inspection


    •  Shipment

            The closest sea ports: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong

            It’s not an ending of a  happy cooperation. We will be more than happy to hear from you about the feedback of the product. We’d like to know how the product play in  your market. We DO HOPE it play as well as planed even better.


           Of course, different products, the processes may be a little different, the more complicated structure, the more accessories, the processes will be a little more complex,  but the main processes are the same.


           Dear friends, if you have any queries about making a wooden box or inquiry about gift packaging, please do not hesitate to contact with us, we will be more than happy to help. If you’d like to know latest industry in China, you can also contact with us, try what we could help. : )

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