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    What Papers Requested to Import Wooden Box from China

    What documents are needed to import the wooden gift boxes from China

    By Kate


    With the increase use of wooden gift box in gift and gift packaging industries worldwide, and the understanding and recognition of China wooden gift box exporting, more and more customers begin to import wooden box from China. 

    Every country has their own clear and strict regulations on imports. A clear understanding of Customs and state regulations can make the Customs Clearance faster and easier, and can get some Import tariff concessions. In other words, buyers can save import costs. The regulations in this area is not same from country to country, many of the level of sales person of manufacturers are different, sometimes when buyers are confused, salesman of suppliers failed to remind or help buyers to prepare those papers before shipment. This may lead the buyers miss the preferential Customs tariff concessions, making the import cost increased. 

    Normally, the cubic of wooden box is a little big, so the most popular and common transport method is by sea in import and export industry. I am going to sort out the basic document requirements of wooden box import here for reference to those customers who need.


    1. Basic paper work

     Commercial Invoice ( CI ), Packing List ( PL ), Bill of Loading ( BL )


    Main points must be shown on CI: description of a commodity, quantity, unit price, total amount, invoice number and date

    Main points must be shown on PL: description of a commodity, quantity, shipping marks, total master cartons, total cubic meter

    Main points must be shown on BL: shipper, consignee, notify party, commodity name, total quantity, master carton, cubic meter, gross weight, container number, seal number, export port, vessel name and number, port of discharge, port of delivery, on board date, signature of the shipping company or forwarder , B/L number and more


    The description of commodity is directly related to HS Code and the Custom import tariff determined by the HS Code. The shipping companies and declaration companies will require the exact description of commodity when exporting, name and material used, function...


    Buyers can also ask suppliers to get to know the Customs code of the products, then check the corresponding import tariffs from their customs websites, it would be helpful to know the potential import cost advanced.


    2. Fumigation


    In international trade, every country implements a compulsory quarantine system for the protection of its own resources and some imported goods. Fumigation of wooden product is a compulsory measure in order to prevent the harmful pests of forest resources by importing country. Therefore, during exporting, wooden packaging and wood products, fumigation treatment must be done before shipment.


    Fumigation requested by these countries and regions: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Philippines, South Africa, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, EU, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan


    In general, paint treated wood box or MDF box, in addition to the United States, Canada, Australia which fumigation is compulsory and strictly required , other countries generally do not require mandatory fumigation, but in some cases, customers can ask the factory to prepare fumigation certificate in advance to avoid unnecessary trouble.


    For wood products that have not been treated with paint, they must be required to be fumigated and provided with certificates.


    3. Certificate of origin


    1) GSP certificate of origin (FORM A)

    Form A is the official voucher of China exported products which enjoy the further reduction of import tariffs on the basis of MFN tariff rate in this country.


    At present, there are 38 countries offer GSP treatment to China exported products: the 26 EU countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg,            Holland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Norway),United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


    2) Certificate of Origin ( CO )


    The general certificate of origin is a document proving that the goods originate in a particular country or region and enjoy the normal tariff (MFN) treatment of the importing country.


    3) "Certificate of Origin Chinese ASEAN Free Trade Area" (FORM E)


    The Form E ( China ASEAN free trade area) is workable in these countries: Brunei, Kampuchea, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and 10 other countries.


    4) "Certificate of Origin of the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement" (FORM B) 


    Form B is workable in these four countries: South Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and so on. Tax reduction ranges from 5% to 100%


    5) "Certificate of Origin" of the Pakistan free trade zone Chinese (FORM P)


    6) "China - Chile FTA certificate of origin" (FORM F)


    4. Commodity Inspection Certificate


    This is a certificate that must be made for the import and export of wood products.


    Due to various reasons, China suppliers is difficult to know all detailed information about import tariffs of each country, on other hand, it’s easier for customers to check the very detailed info on their own country’s Custom website or inquiring to their local forwarders.


    In general, China's export has well grown, for such an ordinary goods like wooden box, the process and requirements are relatively simple. China's foreign trade salesmen are enthusiastic. If customers have any queries, please feel free to talk to them,  communication can solve all problems, can't they?

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