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    8 Daily Bad Habits May Destroy Your Watch

    8 Daily Bad Habits May Destroy Your Watch

    by Jin, a watch engineer

    It’s easy for many people to choose and buy a loved watch, but for most of them, they may not know how to maintain the watch to keep the best condition of the watches.  Here is the 8 possible bad habits to destroy your loved watch in the invisible.

    1. Adjust the calendar at wrong time

    There is a restricted area for most of the timepiece with calendar to adjust the calendar.

    If it is must, it would be better to adjust the calendar before 10 am.

    watch with caledar.jpg

    2. Storage the watches in the box without wearing or moving 

    The timepieces may go wrong if without wearing or moving for a long time. The watch parts with machine oil inside the timepieces become dry and oxidized if it stays no moving for a long time. It’s suggested to winder the timepiece 2 times each month and make the maintenance each 3-5 year. Storage the timepiece in dry environment.

    watch boxes (14).jpg 

    3. Electronic products may magnetize the timepieces

    Mobile phones, computers, iPad and other digital products are not the culprit but the loudspeaker, machine mahjong table, TV and so on.

    megnetize the watch.jpg

    4. Over polish the surface

    Over polishing will damage the metal surface of the timepiece. A lot of 316 steel watches will be electroplated. For PVD gold plating timepieces, it is avoided to be over polished frequently.

    polish the watch.jpg


    5. Soaking for a long time 

    It is not allowed, for most watches, to be exposed to water for a long time, except the 300 meters waterproofing timepieces or special submersible ones. Most timepieces is just 30 meter water-resistant, life waterproof grade. 

    Waterproof grade, 100 meters water-resistant means that the timepieces can barely get drenched. 200 meters water-resistant means that the timepieces can be  soaked in water. Watches must be stayed away from sauna and water vapor. 

     watch in water.jpg


    6. No maintenance for a long time 

    Like a car, watches also have to be maintained regularly so that the life can be longer.

    maintenance of watch.jpg


    7, Excessive winding 

    It is generally good to keep 80% of the service.

    watch winding.jpg


    8, Do not use the chronograph function correctly 

    Chronograph is a complex function and also very popular and welcomed function by most people. It seems that not everyone knows how to use it properly. It damage the movement easily if it’s not played properly.

    chronograph function.jpg 



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