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    Popular Methods to Add Value to Wooden Gift Box

    Popular Methods to Add Value to Wooden Gift Packing Box

    by Daming


    1. Wood veneer

    With the increase needs of wood, the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. 

    It is particularly important to find and develop the substitute for wood to meet the demand of the market. 

    Wood substitutes is significant to resist the excessive cutting to forest, to maintain the Ecological equilibrium, to keep the sustainable utilization of forest resources. 

    The wood veneer is the best substitute of solid wood. Wood veneer technology is widely used in packaging boxes. 

    It has won the support and trust of the vast majority of consumers by its up-to-date elements of design and its scientific structure. 

    With the modern technology process, artificial wood veneer can be made in different stain and different color which can suit various needs of markets better than normal hardwood. Its newest design and cost effective features add value to the box and can present the item put inside the box better.

     wood veneer.jpg

    2.  Paper veneer

    Paper veneer is the most popular technology used in wooden box surface finishing. 

    There are two different methods to do the paper veneer lining, one is lined by machine and the other is lined by hands. 

    Paper veneer is a new decorative material, which is made of high molecular polymer as raw material, creating artwork, mold and printing it out. 

    It can be vivid as real wood but more choices in grain and color. 

    Customers can design their own paper wood veneer according to its need of the project if there is no suitable wood veneer in market. 

    It is more cost effective than wood veneer and it is popular in wooden gift packaging box industry.

     paper veneer.jpg

    3. Piano lacquer

    The piano paint technology is one of the painting technology. Compared with the normal high gloss painting, the piano lacquer painting has two essential differences:

    First, the piano lacquer paint has a very thick primer, and the top coat is exquisite. Its surface is glittering and translucent and penetrable.

    Second: the surface of piano lacquer is crisp, it should be carefully protected. 

    Because of this feature, the brightness and compactness of piano paint is much higher than that of other normal lacquer. 

    The surface of piano lacquer painting will keep bright as new for decades, while the surface of normal painting has been oxidized and lost its lustre. 

    In addition, piano lacquered products  after long time drying, its hardness can be comparable with artificial marble. 

    At the same time, cause of its long time drying and physical treatment of the construction process, the formaldehyde contained in the coating or wood material and harmful substances have been completely volatilized. 

    Piano lacquered wooden box is more environmental.


    Fashion must have a strong background of the times, the fashion may become out after a few years even a few month. 

    How to keep the like and interest of people after the fashion popular period? 

    Dig out the most favorite thing in the heart of consumer. 

    We need to start with the human character and his sense to material, color and space, and choose what he thinks is good, even if it was not be popular in the future, he will still like it. 

    Piano paint is one of the thing can touch the sensitive nerve that people desire to change, and can also grasp the fashion taste as well

     piano lacquered.jpg


    4, Engraving technology


    Laser engraving can engrave any material, carving with high accuracy and fast speed, especially laser 3D carving, it can engrave complex patterns on the spatial surface or inclined plane, which is very useful for carving the complex pattern on surface.


    The advantages of laser engraving process:

    1) a wide applications, low cost;

    2) safe and reliable: the use of non-contact processing, no mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material. There is no "marks", no damage to the working surface, no material deformation;

    3) precision machining accuracy can reach 0.02MM;

    4) environmental protection;

    5) ensure the effect of the same batch exactly the same;

    6) high speed: engraving can be carried out immediately according to the computer output pattern

    7) low cost: no MOQ request, for small batch, laser engraving is cheaper. With the rapid development of Optoelectronic technology, the application range of laser engraving technology is becoming more and more extensive, and the precision of engraving is required to be higher and higher.



    5. The rubbing gold technology


    At present, the rubbing gold technology is becoming a "new favorite" for the packaging box to improve the visual effect and value of the product. 

    Wooden carving will generally have a burning feeling of wood, the color of engraved wood is artistic. 

    Its color and depth mainly depends on the laser power and the speed of engraving. 

    The technology of rubbing Gold allows you to color products at any time. It has the characteristics of high speed, low cost and good effect. 

    The decorative effect is very nice regardless of the size and size of the pictures. 

    The rubbing gold powder is colorful, most popular colors are gold, silver, black. Special colors can be customized. 

    Rubbing gold effect is widely used in high end brands gift packaging boxes to create a luxurious and elegant visual effect,It has become an important means to enhance the value of goods and attract consumers by making the surface finishing jumping from the plane into a three-dimensional. 

    This technology has achieved remarkable market effect in the product decoration, and also has brought considerable value-added effect to gift packaging boxes.

     gold rubbing.jpg

    6, Burnt branding


    Heat burning is a traditional method to add brand on wooden box, using different sizes of electric iron heating or hot stamping templates on the surface of wooden boxes to scald patterns and characters. With the development of science and technology, advanced heat branding machine is used in production today, directly heating the hot metal mold to brand various patterns, characters.Heat burning brand can not only create the brand value from the visual effect, but also make the difference in the grade from the technology, and improve the value of the product.


    The material used to burn branding must be selected cause the effects could be completely different from different materials. Pine wood is the best choice to achieve the effect of burning branding.


    7, screen printing


    Screen printing is also widely used in wooden box to add brand. 

    Silk screen printing is to transferthe print through a certain pressure to make the ink pass through the holes of the printing plate to form the image or the text. 

    The screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, easy to create printing plate, low cost and strong adaptability. 

    It not only can be printed on the plane, but also can be printed on the curved surface,the spherical surface and the concave convex surface. 

    Screen printing ink layer is thick and with strong coverage. 

    Understanding the characteristics and advantages of screen printing, selecting the most suitable printing methods, we can take advantages and avoid disadvantages, highlight the advantages of screen printing, in order to achieve better results.


    8. Metal plate


    The metal patch (metal label, metal logo plate, logo patch) is currently the most popular and luxurious high-grade decorative signs. The metal logo plate can be made are generally as thin as 0.03mm, thick also can be customized according different material used. Main material options to make metal logo plate are zinc alloy, iron ,stainless steel, copper, tin, silver. Electronic plating colors can be customized, gold, silver, black, copper, bronze are the most popular colors. Metal plate / patch helps to improve the appearance and quality of gift box.


    Customers can select the most suitable method according to own marketing need, to add value to your their products, different materials, different process of methods, different effect, different costs. 

    metal plate.jpg

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