• Reduce Increased Costs in 2018

      After a long festival holiday for Chinese factories, the production is back to normal finally. It is believed that many customers have received, seen or realized some signals about the increase in prices.

    • What Papers Requested to Import Wooden Box from China

      Every country has their own clear and strict regulations on imports. A clear understanding of Customs and state regulations can make the Customs Clearance faster and easier, and can get some Import tariff concessions. In other words, buyers can save import costs. The regulations in this area is not same from country to country, many of the level of sales person of manufacturers are different, some..

    • Popular Methods to Add Value to Wooden Gift Box

      With the increase needs of wood, the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. It is particularly important to find and develop the substitute for wood to meet the demand of the market. Wood substitutes is significant to resist the excessive cutting to forest, to maintain the Ecological equilibrium, to keep the sustainable utilization of forest resources.

    • New Product Development

      We are honor to be involved in customers new product development. No matter from a concept or a ready artwork, we will support with our passion, rich experience.

    • 8 Daily Bad Habits May Destroy Your Watch

      It’s easy for many people to choose and buy a loved watch, but for most of them, they may not know how to maintain the watch to keep the best condition of the watches. Here is the 8 possible bad habi..

    • Magic Changes of A Pieces of Wood

      Five normal processes to make a wooden box, material preparing, cutting, sanding, painting, polishing, packing, shipment.

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